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Cruel Boxing

Just picture it: Laura, a female heavyweight boxer fighting a short and weak guy. Between each real match, she has a completely mismatched fight against a wimp in an underground ring. It’s her little secret about how she boosts her fighting spirit for the real competitions. And it actually works fine…

Tonight’s victim is a guy, Christopher who has no training and experience at all of boxing. He is a short couch potato geek with narrow shoulders, skinny arms and legs, and a little pot belly. His little fists have no chance at all to hurt Laura’s abs of steel, and everything that protect his internals against Laura’s heavy hits is a small amount of fat. Christopher’s weight is less than the half of Laura’s.

Laura hits the guy in his stomach and head, and do also violate most rules in the book. She use grabbled punches, kicks and groin hits to dominate the poor little guy further. A fight like this is usually over in seconds, but Laura knows how to prolong the pleasure…

Bellypunch Boxing-01 Boxing-02 Boxing-03 Boxing-04 Boxing-05 Boxing-06 Boxing-07 Boxing-08 Boxing-09 Boxing-11 Boxing-12 Boxing-13 Boxing-14 Boxing-33 Boxing-36 Boxing-37 Promo
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