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Your Psycho Ex - Part II

Thomas (160 cm) gets a sudden phone call from his ex-girlfriend Amy Forrest (183 cm). Amy reveal that she beat up his girlfriend because she love him, and attempts to persuade him to have sex with her. Thomas rejects, and Amy takes brutal revenge!

Amy Forrest acquired a complex psychiatric disease as a result of a vicious tick-borne flavivirus. Symptoms include characteristics of de Clérambault's syndrome and borderline personality disorder. So, better take your vaccine kid!

01-strong_kick 02-high_kick 03-right_in_his_nuts! 04-Lets_dance 05-right_in_her_belly 06-psycho_blonde_in_pain 07-devastating_knee 08-ough 09-throwing_the_wimp 10-a_nasty_kick_in_his_back 11-struggle 12-what_a_punch! 13-bend_over 14-backbreaker 15-grabbing_his_scrotum 16-lifting_the_poor_guy_by_his_groin 17-defeated_by_his_psycho_ex
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