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Failed Revenge

Linda has a very good reason to be upset on Jenny, being beaten up in her apartment is one thing, but having a conspiracy revealed is something different. Revenge is sweet, and these women know that fists talk...

Linda has prepared for this fight by taking a self defense against woman class. She dodges Jenny's two opening strikes, and give her a jumping roundhouse kick on her boobs! But Jenny recover swiftly, and the incoming belly punch just bounces of her abs. She lift her up and drop her gut on her knee.

Linda recover faster than Jenny expected, and rakes her back. She follow up with a jump kick in her back. Jenny turn around and give Linda a swift punch in her belly that stuns her. She keep punching her until she lose her air, and clutches her aching gut.

Bellypunch Bild0100 Bild0469 Kick Wrestle
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