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Second trauma

Mikaela was totally owned by Jenny in their last fight, but she's more prepared now. She give the much bigger Jenny two body punches that she at least think might hurt her. Jenny counters with a heavy side belly punch that would almost invariably knock out a girl of Mikaela's size. But Mikaela keep up, and after grasping some air, she attack Jenny with a choke hold. Jenny thwarts the strangulation with a powerful bear hug. Mikaela is stunned by the pain and Jenny can easily beat her down with belly punches and powerful kicks. She finally defeat the short girl with the Traumatizer submission hold.

Bearhug Bearhug297 Bellypunch Bellypunch105 Bellypunch62 Choke184 Jenny0011 Kick Mikaela0058 Soccer_kick Struggle0365 Trample Trauma143 Trauma65 Traumatized
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